Hair dyeee

Last week was my graduation. Hurray! I’m official a Master of Science. And I celebrated with champagne and family get-togethers. Of course, with my luck I managed to come down with a hell of a cold for that day. And the 5 am wake up time did not make it better. It still turned out to be a great day, and I managed to get a job offer! I’m no longer a homemaker… my housewifey duties lasted for only 2 months. Oh how I shall likely miss the free time and opportunities for crafts and baking.


The other week I received my free BzzKit from I have decided to colour my hair. I’m naturally a dark brown, but was hoping that the shift to golden medium brown would be subtle and warming. 002073075

I’m apparently a mess. I’m surprised I didn’t dye my entire bathroom in the process. Though the entire endeavour was relatively fool-proof. And the conditioner that came in the box smelled like coconuts (mmmm!).076 079

Ultimately, I anticipated a much more drastic colour change. I can see more red tones in my hair, but it truly looks dark brown still. Oh well, at least I smell like coconuts.


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