Trying to sew

So, I am not crafty. I am a science geek. A clean freak. I am probably more sporty than crafty. But I have delusions of grandeur… and imagine myself as somehow being successful at every little project I want to take on. My most recent endeavor has been trying to sew a purse. I was of course inspired by my hours of pinning onto my Crafts & Projects board on Pinterest. More specifically, I came across this lovely wool purse by Nap Time Creations (

Now, the last time I came in contact with a sewing machine was approx. 3 years ago. I made a crazy colourful set of curtains for my then-brand new apartment. It probably took me an entire summer to complete those curtains. So I’m not exactly sure why I keep thinking that this will be a good idea. I clearly needed an actual pattern to use, or something I could slightly modify. I ended up combining my ideas of the Nap Time Creations purse with a pattern I found on Pattern Pile (

079 080 081 086 087f/

The material I bought is a blue/purple/yellow plaid cotton flannel. And I bought purple satin for the lining. Also, the yellow and black material you can see in the photos is actually what ultimately inspired this poorly conceived plan… it’s a skirt from Ghana that my grandmother gave me. She bought it years ago, and I always thought it would make great material for a tote bag. So that project will be some other lifetime from now…

Anyways, I washed and ironed (how matronly) the materials… but called in for reinforcements. My mother, who is somehow the ultimate artsy craft-happy person, came over to help me set-up my sewing machine. This machine is ancient and I have never used this particular model before. It is probably from the fifties, and is built into a little table. I thought it was cool, until I tried to open it up and get it ready for some actual sewing. The thing weighs a ton and I’m surprised I didn’t break it (or myself) trying to move it around.

Once we actually tried sewing something (some of Tyler’s work sweaters), I managed to break a sewing needle. One quick trip to Walmart, and I was trying again… and breaking more needles. I’m not so sure I’m cut out for this work, but I will try again another day. In all likelihood, this will be exactly like the curtain scenario. I expect that by Canada Day next year, I will have a lovely plaid purse.


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