Here we go again….

In 2 weeks, I will be attending convocation for my Master’s degree. Undergraduate graduation doesn’t seem that long ago, but it was also another lifetime. Let’s put this into some perspective. I’m 26 years old. I completed a 4.5 year degree in Biomedical Toxicology, then took a couple years off to explore the “vast world” of employment. That world seemed a little unimpressive. This fact primarily surprised me, as I worked a series of jobs throughout my Bachelor’s degree as part of my co-op requirement. Not all of these jobs were the most exciting, however they gave me a pretty great variety of tasks to try and allowed me to meet some really amazing people. So when I went off into the big wide world and got a job all on my own, why did I find that I hated it so much? I was bored. The job was in a doctor’s office. It was not challenging. I had a hard time connecting with my coworkers. I cut loose my loser boyfriend at the time. I fell into a serious depression. I felt extremely alone and lost, as my two best friends at the time also moved out of town during that period of my life. Then came 2012… I decided to turn my misery into something not necessarily productive, but hopefully into something that would drag my soul out of the deep pit it was in and let me reconnect with people.

I did what any then-23 year old would do: I started partying hard. I made probably the most ridiculous New Year’s resolution of all time. I aimed to have at least one solid “party night” a week. This strategy was to force me out of my strongly formed shell, and maybe get me back into the world of the living. Where people felt alive. I started online dating (of course, only using the sketchy free websites)… and I got tons of crazy stories out of those experiences. When I finally quit the online exploration, and decided I wasn’t ready to start dating or didn’t want anything serious, that’s when I met my now-boyfriend – Tyler. He was/is amazing. I’m not going to spill all the minute details of our meeting and awkward start but I will say that he played along with my New Year’s resolution… and I successfully completed 52 weeks of debauchery. My liver is still recovering. During that time, I also started school again. Nothing seems more “light and breezy” than graduate school, right? How about a Master’s of Science in chemistry?


I defended my Master’s thesis this past September 2nd (my birthday). Since then, I moved to a small town and got an apartment with Tyler. Our first month living together has been great… except that I’m unemployed and once again separated from my home base of friends. I don’t think my experience will be the same as my post-undergrad roller-coaster. This time I feel more mature and have someone who I truly believe has my back. I certainly won’t be binge-drinking every week like before.

Anyways, now my life is that of a homemaker until I find employment or inevitably go back to school.


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